For Faculty

The MCS division has a list of the top 10 reasons to joint CUR: Top 2^3 +2 Reasons to Join CUR

In addition, here are 6 reasons to join CUR in addition to discipline-specific professional organizations:

  1. CUR addresses future trends in Undergraduate Research (UR), such as assessment, UR in curriculum, business, industry, and government collaborations in UR.
  2. Membership provides access to CUR programs, such as Posters on the Hill, National Conference on Undergraduate Research, CUR Institutes
  3. CUR gives opportunities for networking with and learning about effective practices used in other disciplines.
  4. CUR publications address issues not addressed by the MAA (e.g., assessing the effectiveness of UR)
  5. CUR advocates nationally for UR (e.g. NSF REUs resulted from CUR advocacy, Goldwater/CUR award)
  6. In getting universities/colleges to institute activities that promote UR (e.g., teaching credit for faculty who are doing UR, UR being valued in P&T, etc.), organizations like CUR that has members from multiple disciplines and administrators are more effective than disciplinary organizations.