CUR is governed by a Council which is elected by the members of each of the disciplinary divisions, including the Mathematics and Computer Science Division. These divisions allow CUR members to network with other individuals in their discipline, and offers an additional way for members to work together to support and promote undergraduate research.

Each division has 24 councilors, with 8 of the positions elected annually. Each councilor volunteers his/her time to advance the mission of CUR within Mathematics and Computer Science.  They meet each summer at the CUR annual business meeting to conduct the business of the division.

If you are interested in running for a councilor position, please make sure your CUR membership is current and contact the current division chair with your interest.

Mathematics and Computer Science Councilors at the CUR Business Meeting in Tampa, Florida (June 2016)



A complete list of current MCS councilors is available here.

The current MCS Division officers are

  • E-Board: Charlotte Simmons
  • Chair: Dominic Klyve
  • Secretary: Allison Henrich
  • Webmaster: Lara Pudwell
  • Chair of Division Mentoring Award Committee: Jan Rychter
  • Chair of Division Student Research Award Committee: Chad Autrey
  • Chair of Division Student Travel Award Committee: Dewey Taylor